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Stranded on the water?

Imagine this: you're out on the water enjoying the surrounds and suddenly you run out of fuel. Your boat engine comes to a halt or will not start. What do you do next? You call us! At TowBoatUS Lake Lewisville and Lake Ray Roberts, we specialize in towing, jump starts, fuel drops and soft ungroundings. And this is far from all we do. If you've had a more serious misfortune, we can help, we also have extensive salvage and dive services. Help is only a phone call away!

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Boat towing services

Boat Towing Services

Just like on the road, sometimes you need a tow or assistance on the water. Whether your boat breaks down, runs low on fuel, dead battery, or begins to sink, just call us at (972) 757-5004 and we'll be on our way! We've got the equipment to safely tow or recover your boat with ease. Need fuel delivered? We've got you covered!


Dive Services

We also offer dive services when you need it most. Many valuable items can be claimed by the deep depths of the water. Trying to recover those lost items is an impossible task on your own, but not with our help. We gear up and dive to the bottom to recover all lost items!


Salvage Services

Paired with our dive services, our team offers salvage services to help boat owners reclaim their sunken or hard aground vessels. Through the use of lift bags, cribs and pumps, we can safely recover boats that have been partially or fully submerged below the water. Call us now at (972) 757-5004 for immediate assistance!